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Day 1 - Glastonbury Festival

Watch: M.I.A. plays ‘Double Bubble Trouble’ at Glastonbury 2014

Maya in crowd-pleasing mode

M.I.A. took to the stage on the first at Glastonbury festival over the weekend. Equipped with her gold cape, she …

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Hologram M.I.A., meet hologram Janelle Monáe

A ground-breaking, never-before-seen 3D bi-coastal success or a major flop?

Audi are launching the new A3 tonight in the US, and to cover all bases (well, at least the east …

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The NFL wants $16M from M.I.A.

But Maya's hoping Madonna can hook her up

This all came about after M.I.A’s performance with Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl where she flipped the bird at …

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Watch: M.I.A previews her remix of Beyoncé’s ‘***Flawless’

And now we shall wait for Queen Bey's blessing

M.I.A. has taken to Twitter to inform fans, as well as Beyoncé, herself that she’s finished a remix of the …

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M.I.A. walks away from Roc Nation

New Year, new management

Unhappy with authority? Just another day for Matangi singer M.I.A. She seems to be truly getting on board with the …

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M.I.A. selling limited run of Matangi silk shirts

Get your hands on this OTT merch while you can

I’m not sure where spruiking $185 silk shirts fits in with sticking it to the man, but M.I.A. is doing …

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Everyone in M.I.A.’s live show is wearing her Versus Versace Collaboration

The artist's posse get's kitted out in her high-fashion-meets-counterfeit-chic collab collection

M.I.A may be anti-everything, but she understands how to market her threads.

At her two-night vacancy in L.A, the singer’s …

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Watch: M.I.A. on Hot 97 talking about the Superbowl, Versace, gritty Brits and more

The singer delves into the Superbowl scandal and beating the censors' trigger finger

In the hotseat for Hot 97′s morning show, M.I.A. was cool, calm and collected as she answered questions about the …

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