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14 artists including Damien Hirst, D*Face and Mr. Brainwash use the force and take the Dark Side to the art side, all in the name of charity. Decorated for Art Below founder Ben Moore’s Art Wars project, the group of art-world heavyweights each gave the iconic Star Wars Stormtrooper helmets unique makeovers, using the blank canvases as an opportunity to unleash the Sith’s previously suppressed artistic flair. From D*Face’s psychedelic ‘Stop Wars’ helmet to Bran Symondson’s money printed ‘Dark Side of the Dollar’ design, each artist completely transformed the original 1976 moulds produced by Andrew Ainsworth.
After being auctioned off, all proceeds from the project will go to the Missing Tom Fund, a search for Moore’s brother who disappeared in 2003, explaining, “My brother gave me my first Stormtrooper figurine. If you take anyone in the street, they’re just a random member of the public. That’s like the anonymity of a white Stormtrooper. But as a soon as you know someone, you know their individuality, their markings. We took white uniformed creatures and gave them individuality and identity. It’s a kind of statement that everyone means something to someone.”

The helmets are on view at London’s STRATA Art Fair with Satchi Gallery until October 13, and will then be displayed on billboards in the Regents Park Underground station to coincide with Frieze (October 17-20). In February 2014, the helmets will be auctioned off at Christie’s for an estimated $10,000 to $50,000, all in support of the Missing Tom Fund.