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For somebody who likes to keep a low personal profile, street artist INSA sure likes to do things big. You might already be familiar with his unique GIF-ITI concept, which he’s executed a number of times around the world. Each has been of different scales and subject matters, some have been in collaboration with other local artists but all are always highly impressive. Continuing this fusion of traditional painting and internet-specific medium, the British artist has teamed up with whisky makers Ballantine’s to pull off the biggest GIF-ITI to date. And when we say biggest, we mean biggest – this shit had to be photographed from space in order to create the end GIF.

Painted in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, INSA and his paint-roller armed crew spent four days painting a total surface area of 57,515m2. Filming and sharing his story as part of Ballantyne’s #StayTrue series, INSA reveals his motivations behind the project and documents the whole mammoth process in the video above. Found out more about INSA’s GIF-ITI here.

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