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Owning a yacht is often seen as luxury reserved for high-profile celebrities and wealthy business people, and for many, acquiring anything of the sort would be a dream come true. In reality, we are unlikely to fulfil those dreams and on the off chance we do, one Austrian watercraft company have designed a new luxury watercraft that renders our ideal, utter shit.

The Migaloo Kokomo Ailand is more than a luxury yacht. It is, in fact, a mobile private island that floats on two semi-submersible platforms. Owners of the vessel will feel at ease in their private penthouse, which sits 80m above sea level and overlooks an array of facilities including a jungle deck with palm trees, entertainment pool and barbecue area, private spa and beauty salon, outdoor cinema and yes, even your very own heli deck, in case you were wondering where you would park your chopper.

While prices are yet to be announced, if a standard yacht is out of your price range, chances are this will be too. We can only dream.

Images via Migaloo

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