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IKEA recently announced in Germany that they would be discontinuing their famous and absurdly popular line of shelves, the Expedit line. These vinyl-friendly shelves have been the storage solution of choice for most record collectors the world over for more than a generation so it’s not that surprising that German vinyl enthusiasts have taken the news badly, creating a Facebook page devoted to saving the Expedit: “Rettet das Ikea Expedit Regal” in January.

At the time of writing the page had 17,000 likes, but it’ll probably keep rising. The general fear is that IKEA have generally kept products on offer uniform across the world, which means that if Epedit is going in Germany, the rest of the world is sure to follow.

While IKEA have announced that a similar product, the Kallax, will take the iconic shelves’ place; purists are afraid that the walls aren’t as thick and may not offer the same tensile strength for holding copious vinyl collections. Another fear is that the Kallax line is reported to not have a 5×5 model, which would be very bad news indeed. And naturally, the Kallax shelves won’t match collectors’ existing Expedits.

For those of you who just comprehend an existence without the mass-produced chipboard flat-pack shelving units, better stock up now.

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