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The Drop: Fuzi UV TPK – Quartiers Gitans de Perpignan

The graffiti writer explores Gypsy encampments in France's southwest

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Aside from being a prolific vandal and highly sought after tattoo artist, Fuzi UV TPK also dabbles in short-run print publications. Over recent years he’s published seven titles, including the incredibly insightful Devoration in 2013. His latest print venture is Quartiers Gitans de Perpignan, a visual exploration of the gypsy graffiti in France’s southwest. Fuzi spent the years between 1999 and 2002 documenting life in the neighbourhoods of Perpignan, an insular gypsy encampment that stretches back to the 15th century. Far and away from the cynical poverty porn that’s ubiquitous these days, Fuzi instead chooses to focus on the environments of the neighbourhood instead of the individuals who inhabit the spaces.

The title is limited to 100 copies, with each one hand stitched and numbered and signed by the arist. You can purchase Quartiers Gitans de Perpignan exclusively via Fuzi’s Ignorant People site.

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