The Blocktronics ACiD Trip

A trippy artwork made of 3,266 lines of old-school computer characters

Posted By Alannah Vinci |

Last week’s Demosplash 2013 event at Carnegie Mellon University saw The Blocktronics ACiD Trip become the Freestyle ANSI/ASCII competition champion. Created by 22 artists, the piece comprises the longest ANSI (American National Standards Institute) scroller ever at 3,266 lines long, which in layman’s terms refers to the 256 character set used in early computer operating systems (nearly as long as Miley Cyrus’ tongue). In even simpler layman’s terms, it means more shapes and colours compared to the usual 128 numbers, letters, and symbols of ASCII. If you feel like giving your finger a work out, scroll it for yourself here, otherwise check out the video above.

One comment on “The Blocktronics ACiD Trip

  1. Anthony on said:

    This megajoint was made by 23 Artists, the artist not listed is ANT.

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