Visual feed: Aled Lewis – Video games vs. Real life

Your fave gaming characters give real life a go

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London-based designer Aled Lewis offers up some whimsical images in his latest series, Video Games vs. Real Life. Featuring the pixelated goodness of some of the nineties’ best gaming characters juxtaposed with some fitting (and fun) real life landscapes, the images perfectly communicate Lewis’ childhood memories of the gaming world. Personally, I do remember thinking the beach course in Mario Kart 64 was pretty sweet and Lewis’ version does it justice. Scroll the gallery above and take a step back in time. Check out Aled Lewis’ website for more info and works.

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    Thanks a lot for applying time in order to compose
    “Visual feed: Aled Lewis – Video games vs.
    Real life | Acclaim”. Thanks a ton for a second time ,Devon

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