Visual Feed: Wouter Stelwagen’s Apartment Buildings

Incredible works from the Amsterdam based photographer

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Check out these sublime photographic works from Amsterdam-based photographer Wouter Stelwagen in his series showcasing some of the enormous apartment complexes of our world.

Graphic, sometimes verging on abstract, the mind boggles to imagine a person or even a family going about their business in each tiny window of these enormous structures. The buildings are also strikingly beautiful in their own right – in their various undulations of colour, texture, sheer size, and if you look closely, tiny flags of human life.

Check out more of Wouter’s work at his website.

6 comments on “Visual Feed: Wouter Stelwagen’s Apartment Buildings

  1. Jessica Malone on said:

    I've been looking forward to visit Amsterdam for a while. I'm conveyancing in Brisbane, it's a condominium and I'm about to sell it to my brother-in-law. This picture reminded me of how much I wanna be in Amsterdam and move there. Who knows, maybe I will.

  2. I sure hope those apartments aren't as cramped on the inside. That's a lot of windows I'm seeing.

  3. I am liking these South Beach style architecture. For one, these designs are jet-setting towards the world. We can say that they are style ambassadors up for heritage.

  4. That looks like it has some 3d effects on it, very beautiful shot! But wait, am I the only here that is seeing people standing outside the window?

  5. The sublime effect creates a hazy white impression for the building. In reality, that white building basks in the sun's glow. It is one of the most crowded building in the area.

  6. This is my first time go to see at here and i am
    really happy to read all at one place.

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