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OO - Don't be a ball-breaker2
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OO - Why I love Beyoncé2

Shooting From the Hip: Why I love Beyoncé

The Obnoxious Owl sheds any traces of scepticism and joins the Bey Hive

Hey everyone, happy 2014! New year, new you and all that jazz. I am starting the year off with my …

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OO - No happy endings2

Shooting From the Hip: No happy endings

Her stint on gets the Obnoxious Owl thinking about infidelity and taking money for sex

If you think that making an account at might put you in a situation where you debate your moral …

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OO - Searching for sugar daddy2

Shooting From the Hip: Searching for sugar daddy

The Obnoxious Owl creates an account with, which she notes is not "technically" prostitution

Last week Tinder; this week What has become of me? Boredom, mainly. But also, to paraphrase Wilde, I have …

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OO - Add me on Facebook2

Shooting From the Hip: Add me on Facebook

The Obnoxious Owl shares eight tips for doing social media without being a douchebag

We lead double lives now: one real one; one internet one. Some of us have the hang of keeping the …

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OO - Who brought that guy?2

Shooting From the Hip: Who brought that guy?

The Obnoxious Owl knows a party foul when she sees one, and she will turf you out

We’ve all been to a party where there has been that non-chiller who throws the spanner in the works. Or …

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OO - Save it for Hallmark2

Shooting From the Hip: Save it for Hallmark

The Obnoxious Owl takes on six life-advice clichés that you should 110% avoid like the plague

Ah, the good ol’ cliché. Where would we be without them? A cliché is only a cliché because it’s true! …

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