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OO - The thing with grand gestures2

Shooting From the Hip: The thing with grand gestures

"Just like great sex or salted peanuts, one grand gesture is never enough." — The Obnoxious Owl

When a man proposes marriage, it is probably the grandest of gestures that there is – because it doesn’t stop …

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OO - What is sexy?2

Shooting From the Hip: What is sexy?

The Obnoxious Owl provides some attitude and grooming tips for men who don't hate getting laid

Spring is in the air and Melbourne has arrived to the party. The sun is out, the bees are fornicating …

OO - Just being Miley2
OO - A winter boyfriend2

Shooting From the Hip: A winter boyfriend

The Obnoxious Owl on why being in a relationship is a good pastime when the weather turns to bullshit

Photography by Laurice Foronda

Ah winter – everyone’s favourite season! Not. My friend Alex always says that the only people …


Shooting From the Hip: Baller or tragic?

Hatewatching an ageing Hugh Hefner's reality show gets The Obnoxious Owl thinking about seizing the day

Greetings from Western Australia! I am currently posted up at the parents for a few days where I am enjoying …

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OO - What do girls talk about?2

Shooting from the Hip: What do girls talk about?

(Nothing you don't already know about)

It was my birthday this week, which meant that I had a few days of celebrations as most girls do …

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OO - Wax on, wax off2

Shooting From the Hip: Wax on, wax off

The Obnoxious Owl asks the Brazilian Dollar Question

Once upon time, around 2004, most women had pubic hair. The idea of taking hot wax to one’s genitals was …

OO - Ladies and gentlemen2