Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s polaroids are better than your Instagram

How do your recent selfies weigh up against these?

In this day and age, filters and effects are by the plenty and with an iPhone at hand, your basically …

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Legendary Horror Director Wes Craven has passed away

Rest in peace to one of the best in the genre

Celebrated director Wes Craven who’s known for seminal horror films that include A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream …

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Event Recap: Lush’s Secret Pop-Up Show [NSFW]

The most exciting exhibition we've seen in a while

Early last week graffiti provocateur and Banksy collaborator Lush announced that he’d be hosting a one-off pop up exhibition in…

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Interview: Merda

Long Live the King

If you’re a Melburnian, Merda is probably your favourite writer’s favourite write. Super influential in the formative years of Melbourne’s…

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Keeping up with artist Ryan Ady Putra

Quick wit, smooth brush strokes, nude girls and endless bummers

Still kicking on with his mantra to always “stay rad”, artist and illustrator Ryan Ady Putra is going strong. He’s …

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Instagram will now let you think and post outside the square

The world is your oyster

Finally an app update that isn’t just a set of filters that you’ll probably never use because they make your …

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Roadtripping from Los Angeles to New Mexico [NSFW]

Nastasia Dusapin and Nadir Hajarabi went on a dreamy escapade

There’s something about the Californian aesthetic, spiralling desert roads lined by palm trees that I just can’t get past. I …

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Watch: A girl becomes a siberian husky in this terrifying makeup tutorial

That's one way to join the pack

Have you ever felt like becoming your own pet dog? Well one YouTube makeup artist was inspired by her Siberian …

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