Jesse Lizotte captures Los Angeles lowrider culture

Snippets of life in the San Fernando Valley

Jesse Lizotte’s… penchant for travel and photography has been a part of his life since childhood. Migrating from the US to Australia when he was young, he already had a


Watch: Stay Bold draw, digitise, and print a t-shirt design for Analogue/Digital 2015

The lord of metal graphic designers delivers a special tee

As part of the Analogue/Digital design conference in Brisbane earlier this month, Ironlak, Wacom, and Kontraband Studios teamed up …

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Next Gen Feature: Ian de Beer — Blank Pages

If Ian de Beer’s life up until now were produced as a biopic following conventional dramatic structure, it’d go something…

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Baewatch: Lilla Conradsen by Marcus Solomon [NSFW]

Check out our exclusive shoot with the Australian model

Lilla Conradsen was inspired to pursue a modelling career after watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as a teenager. From…

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Max feature

Mad Max gets the LEGO treatment

The colossal film gets a healthy dose of miniaturisation

Following the recent release of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, a LEGO lover known simply as Lego Will (or ウィル) has…

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gucci feature

Gucci Mane is getting his own photography exhibition

"I'm a work of art, mane/I'll crush your ice game"

I know what you’re thinking: “it’s finally happened”. Someone is doing a photography exhibit entitled Trap God paying homage to …

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Postcards: Jesse Lizotte in Los Angeles

Sun, guns, and burger buns

Whether he’s hanging with musicians like Ratking in NYC or immersing himself in a city’s subculture…, Jesse Lizotte is

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