The Simpsons Confirm that they will air an entire episode in animated lego

Get Bricked

The Simpsons and Lego are both beloved American cultural institutions, celebrated by children and middle aged nerds alike. They’re also …


Watch: Carbon Festival 2014 Recap

#TBT to when we were all Carbon

For the fourth consecutive year Carbon festival returned to Melbourne to transform RMIT’s Storey Hall into a hub of contemporary…


Team Player Feature – Chris Pape

A Life Underground

The abandoned Amtrak tunnel that spans 50 blocks beneath Manhattan’s Riverside Park, colloquially known as the Freedom tunnel, is a…


Finland’s New Stamps Don Mustached Gay Men and Butts

These Stamps are NSFG (Not Safe For Grandma)

Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland, was an artist renowned for his homoerotic fetish art and his influence …


Wikipedia’s List of Unusual Articles Will Swallow Your Entire Day if You Let it

Weird Level: Japanese

Wikipedia, widely known as the world’s most unreliable online resources, is also known for its time wasting factor (if …


M.J. Bale, Visa and Heritage Bank Team up to Create World’s First Wearable Payment Technology

Ditch Your Wallet, You Can Wear Your Money Now

Australian tailor M.J. Bale has teamed up with Heritage Bank and Visa to create the first wearable technology of its …


Team Player Issue Feature: Smith Street Tattoo Parlour

Indelible Bonds

Authenticity is a much sought after attribute these days. In an era of instant gratification and transient trends there’s an…