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Postcards: Kingsley McLean in America and Europe [NSFW]

One photographer, two broken arms, and a lot of good times

‘Postcards’ is an ongoing series that examines the links between travel and creative practice. Each week we ask some of…

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Watch: Kidult explains the motivation behind his art

Fuck your "favourite subversive artist"

Political graffiti artist KIDULT strikes again with the conclusive new video, Funeral Fanfare, to underline the direction of his work. …

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’100 Years of Tattoos’ is a fascinating, NSFW visual history of body art

From the freak show to the mainstream

Tattooing has a long history within many cultures as a right of passage and a mark of belonging. Over the …

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Could you lose your Australian citizenship for painting graffiti?

Spray now, pay later

There has been a lot of heated debate over proposed changes to the government’s Citizenship Act, with many critics warning …

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What if world leaders were hipsters?

Politics enters the fashion game

In 2014, designer Amit Shimoni wondered what would leaders would look like if they were dressed like today’s youth. The …

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Watch: Complex News travels to New Mexico with digital artist Shawna X

Let inspiration travel with you

Getting out of your routine will often be a catalyst for major creative inspiration and Complex is exploring just that …

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