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Kanye and Kim get weird with Juergen Teller for new photo-book

Ah to be rich and well-connected

High Culture meets agriculture in a very DIY photo-series which sees Kanye West try his hand at styling Kim Kardashian, …

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See what FUZI UVTPK is publishing in ‘Flash Tattoo Collection N°2′

The book looks nuts

One of my biggest regrets in stunting-opportunities-missed is not getting a tattoo by FUZI UVTPK… when he came to Melbourne.

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The Drop: Knowledge Editions – Bad To The Bone by Nathaniel Matthews

Cataloguing the weaponry of Terminator 2

Some films leave an indelible mark on the psyche of a generation. These works have pivotal scenes that define and …

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Matt Molloy captures ‘time-stacked’ dreamscapes in this incredible photo series

Art meets technology meets brain cookery

‘Time-stacking’ a form of time-lapse photography pioneered by Canadian artist Matt Molloy, integrating hundreds of photographs into a single image, …

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warhol Ai-1

Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei are coming to the NGV this summer

The story of how soup cans influenced art as activism

The National Gallery of Victoria have just announced that work from two of the world’s most famous artists Andy Warhol

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Postcards: Kingsley McLean in America and Europe [NSFW]

One photographer, two broken arms, and a lot of good times

‘Postcards’ is an ongoing series that examines the links between travel and creative practice. Each week we ask some of…

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