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Postcards: Lush In Europe

The prolific vandal takes to the road

Graffiti prankster Lush is currently on a European jaunt, travelling from country to country in a box truck that he’s encouraging people to paint. If you follow him on instagram…


Design student 3D-prints prosthetic arm for fellow student

The new technology is producing classy results

With 3D printing opening up a world of design possibilities since its inception, we’ve seen everything from 3D printed houses …

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ACCLAIM Magazine Issue 33 – The Explorer Issue

It's time to unveil our latest edition

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the brand new edition of ACCLAIM magazine, the ‘Explorer’ issue, will be hitting shelves …


Feast your eyes on a painstakingly created Lego reconstruction of Springfield

Ay, Caramba!

There is a special place in everyone’s childhood dedicated to trying to play with lego: the hours spent stressing about …


Nigo is having a garage sale (via Sotheby’s)

A chance to get that Louis Vuitton mink blanket you've been dreaming of

Japanese music producer, entrepreneur, Bape founder and all-round creative superstar Nigo is celebrating his 25th year in fashion with a …