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Jonnie Chambers takes things Back to Basics

Get your pastel colour scheme fix

I’m pretty sure Jonnie Chambers’ favourite colour is pink. Pinks, whites and blues dominate most of his photographic work. Pink…

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This headset filters out advertisements in real life

"It's AdBlock for Real Life"

A group of developers have created a device that filters out advertisements in real-time. The project was created as part …

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Kim Kardashian shares cover of selfie book, wears Kanye-designed fur bikini

"Furkini by Kanye"

Today Kim Kardashian released the cover of upcoming a book of selfies, a whole decade of them (*sigh*). This will …

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The OG Macintosh gets a modern-day makeover

Past and present is combined perfectly with this concept design by Curved Labs

These days, we like our gadgets shinier, sleeker and more powerful than the last version. Nostalgia, however, is a hell …

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Photographer imagines superheroes chilling in the great outdoors

Even superheroes need a tree change

With the holiday season upon us, travel of all kinds are on the cards for most of us. Whether it’s …

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Hello House by OOF! Architecture and Rose Nolan

Meet the nicest house in the neighbourhood

Who says modern design has to be cold and uninviting? A collaborative project between Melbourne firm OOF! Architecture and artist …

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The Art of Yong Ho Ji

Upcycling reaches a new height with abandoned car tires

Yong Ho Ji’s love of Mother Nature and a longing for a sustainable environment translates seamlessly into his work. Ji …

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