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ACCLAIM Premiere: RaRa – ’0H5H1T_4L13N5′

The Melbourne hip-hop collective go intergalactic

In case you’re not already aware of them, RaRa are a four-piece group doing Australian hip-hop right. They’ve achieved this …

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Event Recap: Nike Air Max Zero Launch, Melbourne

Celebrating the one before the 1

Since last year, March 26 has ascended from the rank of an ordinary day to Air Max Day- a celebration…

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Postcards: Damian Kane in Europe

Take a rapid trip through Europe with ACCLAIM's resident videographer

ACCLAIM Magazine’s videographer Damian Kane recently traversed Europe to reflect, create and collate. As part of his creative voyage, he…

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Interview: Sergei Sviatchenko

We talk with the renowned artist about his book Collages

Ukrainian-born artist Sergei Sviatchenko’s collage practice has spanned three decades, overcoming a period of tumultuous change in both how we…

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From The Archives: Mark McCloud and the Art of Illegal Images

Chatting with the owner of the world's largest collection of LSD tabs

When LSD was outlawed in the 1960s, the aficionados went underground, producing acid blotters in labs and marking their products…

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Postcards: Milan Art in South Africa

Travel, Trains, and Trouble

Since he was 16, Milan has been travelling the world on his own steam (and money) – exploring and documenting…

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