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Postcards: Around the world with John Kaye

Constant vacay

Artist John Kaye… returns to our Postcards series with another album from his international travels. Being one of those few people who have been able to remain on constant vacation


This mobile private island is the ultimate luxury fantasy

A man can only dream

Owning a yacht is often seen as luxury reserved for high-profile celebrities and wealthy business people, and for many, acquiring …

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Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t want to talk about her body anymore

Lest we forget

After rising to fame by flaunting her flawless body in ‘Blurred Lines’ video, Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t want to talk about …

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You could be be lucky winner of a $25,000 scholarship from Pornhub

And you get to keep your clothes on

Pornhub apparently cares about your education, surprising I know. They already take care of your, ah, leisure activities, so why …

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Roadtripping from Los Angeles to New Mexico [NSFW]

Nastasia Dusapin and Nadir Hajarabi went on a dreamy escapade

There’s something about the Californian aesthetic, spiralling desert roads lined by palm trees that I just can’t get past. I …

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Melbourne is getting a new skyscraper, and it’s Beyoncé-inspired

She's got curves like the Premier Tower

“We will reveal that the form does pay homage to something more aesthetic – we’re going to trust you’ve seen …

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Check out these stunning pics of an abandoned Chinese fishing village

Nature is definitely winning this battle

When I hear the words ‘abandoned’ and village in the same sentence, I don’t picture anything as beautiful or quaint …

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Postcards: Fergus Simms in Japan

Enjoy the tattooist's take on Tokyo

‘Postcards’ is an ongoing series that examines the links between travel and creative practise. Each week we ask some of…

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