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Baewatch: Charlotte Jane by Eddie New

The Sydney-based Fashion photographer strips everything down for us

You should get used to seeing this face around. Just trust me on that, okay? If you see her, you…

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Watch: ‘Becoming Belle Knox’ a haunting look into the life of a pornstar

Miriam Weeks and her infamous "alter-ego"

Broken into five parts, the poignant doco-series examines Miriam Weeks’ decision to enter pornography, her Duke peers’ reaction following her …

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Don’t fuck with the alley cats of Japan

Photographer searches for the internet's spirit animal

French photographer Alexander Bonnefoy has created a series of photographs depicting the street cats of Japan. His travels took him …

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We’ve found a good reason to pack our bags and move to Spain

The incredible 'House of the Infinite' by Alberto Campo Baeza

A lot of us have bad internet habits. You know like late night excessive online shopping and excessive porn watching. …

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Visual Feed: Photographer Theo Gosselin

The French photographer knows how to capture a beautiful weekend

There’s this sticky thing about life that generally makes it not as idyllic or spontaneous as we’d like it to …

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Baewatch: Girls, girls, girls by Bruno Maric

There's something for everyone in this extensive selection from Bruno Maric

For the third instalment of ‘Baewatch’ we wanted to give you something a little more, a gift that kept on…

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