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Is PrettyPuke behind your future food cravings?

The LA photographer threatens to revolutionise the way we consume fast food

Los Angeles street photographer PrettyPuke…‘s online persona is shaped by images of surrealist American excess framed by a vibrant,

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Mark McCloud releases a new book of LSD blotter art

Relive the memories

If you’ve ever taken LSD before you’ll probably have a great deal of respect for the power of those tiny …

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Interview: Alessandro Simonetti

You can't rob a warrior of his pride

I meet Italian-born photographer Alessandro Simonetti at Everyday Coffee on Johnston Street, Collingwood. We’re here to talk about his show …

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Mr Glass shoots Jordan Lehn [NSFW]

After a brief intermission, Mr Glass is back

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our friend and contributor Mr Glass, but that doesn’t mean that he …

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Photography: Romina Ressia’s “What Do You Hyde” series

Haunting and fascinating portraits by the Argentinian photographer

Introducing Romina Ressia, an Argentinian photographer whose imagery is a kind of twisted modern take on Renaissance oil paintings – …

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It Came From Tumblr: Drake’s Emoji Tattoos

See the rapper transformed into a teenage girl's text message

Tumblr has responded to Drake’s confusing “praying hands” emoji tattoo with a series of artful photographs showing the Canadian rapper…

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