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Kim Kardashian shares cover of selfie book, wears Kanye-designed fur bikini

"Furkini by Kanye"

Today Kim Kardashian released the cover of upcoming a book of selfies, a whole decade of them (*sigh*). This will …

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bloom pub.

Bloom wants you for the first-ever submission-based, print-on-demand exhibition

Artists, throw your hat in the ring for this one

Melbourne publishing house Bloom is trying something new.  Their latest exhibition, 35ppm, is strictly submission-based, and is and a print-on-demand …

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Amalia Ulman 4

Woman becomes Instagram famous, because art

Blurrin' the lines between real and the fake

Los Angeles based artist, Amalia Ulman, spent a good part of the past year creating a woman who does …

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Photographer imagines superheroes chilling in the great outdoors

Even superheroes need a tree change

With the holiday season upon us, travel of all kinds are on the cards for most of us. Whether it’s …

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Is PrettyPuke behind your future food cravings?

The LA photographer threatens to revolutionise the way we consume fast food

Los Angeles street photographer PrettyPuke…‘s online persona is shaped by images of surrealist American excess framed by a vibrant,

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Mark McCloud releases a new book of LSD blotter art

Relive the memories

If you’ve ever taken LSD before you’ll probably have a great deal of respect for the power of those tiny …

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Interview: Alessandro Simonetti

You can't rob a warrior of his pride

I meet Italian-born photographer Alessandro Simonetti at Everyday Coffee on Johnston Street, Collingwood. We’re here to talk about his show …

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