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Nas feature

Watch: The trailer for Nas’ Obey Your Thirst documentary

Listen while Nas speaks words of wisdom

Last week we showed you the trailer for Drake’s Obey Your Thirst documentary, which is now available to watch in …

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Drake feature

Watch: The trailer for Drake’s new Sprite doco ‘Obey your own thirst’

Story time with Drizzy Drake

If you’ve seen Drake’s previous short film Jungle, fear not. This is not a montage of the Toronto rapper merely …

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Watch: SHEM shows of his skills with Ironlak Strikers

The Melbourne graff artist still has it

Old school writer SHEM (RDC F1 FBA) recently linked up with Ironlak to road test their new markers. In the …

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Drake explains his Sotheby’s art exhibition


S|2, Sotheby’s Contemporary art gallery in New York, teamed up with Drake in May to pair modern music with the …

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Watch: Grand Theft Auto V recreated in real life

What if real life is just a GTA sim?

If you’ve played GTAV at any point, you’ve probably sat there and told yourself or your friends “wow, this actually …

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Uwe Boll snaps, quits filmmaking by making best film yet

"Basically, my message is 'fuck yourself'"

In the sad, sad world of bad movie fans, there is one name that stands above all others as just …

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Watch: Sharknado—the best worst movie of all time–is getting another sequel

questionable things come in threes

Three sharknados in three years–at this point it’s just bad luck. When another freak weather incident sees hundreds of sharks …

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