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Watch: 45RPM keeps out of Barney Rubble with Ironlak Strikers

Take a lesson in Cockney slang from the Bristol artist

Bristol based artist 45RPM has many skills–one being his ability to create attention grabbing impromptu scrawls based around cockney rhymes. …

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‘Bartkira’ animated trailer combines The Simpsons and Akira

Neo-Tokyo meets Springfield in this unofficial mash-up

A collaboration between artists James Harvey and Ryan Humphrey, Bartkira is the surprisingly natural combination of cult classic anime Akira

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feature dragon ball

Dragon Ball Super is here, watch the opening sequence now

Get hype. 18 years of waiting, over

It’s been 18 years since we’ve seen a new episode from the Dragon Ball series. 18 years, that’s the same …

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Nas feature

Watch: The trailer for Nas’ Obey Your Thirst documentary

Listen while Nas speaks words of wisdom

Last week we showed you the trailer for Drake’s Obey Your Thirst documentary, which is now available to watch in …

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Drake feature

Watch: The trailer for Drake’s new Sprite doco ‘Obey your own thirst’

Story time with Drizzy Drake

If you’ve seen Drake’s previous short film Jungle, fear not. This is not a montage of the Toronto rapper merely …

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Watch: SHEM shows of his skills with Ironlak Strikers

The Melbourne graff artist still has it

Old school writer SHEM (RDC F1 FBA) recently linked up with Ironlak to road test their new markers. In the …

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