MasterCard trials new pay-with-your-face feature

Your face takes on all new responsibility

Selfies will no longer be seen as a symptom of narcissism, but rather a daily necessity according to MasterCard’s forthcoming …

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Be Crocwise

WATCH: Northern Territory government drops a music video

Bizarre crocodile safety alert

It’s always a good time when the government try their hand at being relatable. A campaign with a hint of …

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‘Fresh Prince’ opening sequence gets a GTA V update

Definitely not family-friendly

So last week we were pretty impressed/disturbed at how well the Arthur opening sequence translated in GTA V and now …

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Hello Kitty is releasing a movie

pussy power persists

Iconic Japanese character and lifestyle brand Hello Kitty is planning the release of a movie set for 2019. While we’re …

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The Drop: Knowledge Editions – Bad To The Bone by Nathaniel Matthews

Cataloguing the weaponry of Terminator 2

Some films leave an indelible mark on the psyche of a generation. These works have pivotal scenes that define and …

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Pizza Fried Chicken is the latest ridiculous food combo

Hong Kong's KFC have hybridised deliciousness

Thanks to those geniuses out in Hong Kong, this brand new pizza x fried chicken collaboration is the latest thing …

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Bubble wrap is getting a new, unpoppable design because we can’t have nice things

Sorry to burst your bubble

Say goodbye to losing hours of your life playing with plastic packaging. The original makers of bubble wrap, Sealed Air, …

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