An Obituary for the iPod Classic

 RiP 

Apple made a slew of announcements recently, and predictably the internet exploded with rapture, snark, and tired memes. But, in between all the hype about the iPhone 6 and the …

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If ‘Peep Show’ characters had Instagram accounts


Does BuzzFeed have mind reading technology? Maybe after I took the hundredth “which <insert pop culture reference> are you?” quiz …

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Hype DC and ACCLAIM present: Issue Two of “Limit’d”

Featuring Andrew Brophy and Kit Palaskas

Today we’re very excited to announce the release of the second issue of Limit’d. Limit’d is Hype DC’s free monthly …

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Burger King Japan releases murdered-out black burger

All black everything and somehow still edible

We’re talking all-black-everything, next level. In what you’d only really expect from Japan comes a bizarre black burger combination at …

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Watch: Diggin’ in the Carts, episode two

Sex, drugs and video games

Retro video game music has enjoyed a resurgence in a range of genres and inspired sub-genres; from Nintendocore to 8-Bit …

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