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Good Read: Harmony Korine on Skateboarding

An exclusive interview, we've got the highlights

A short while ago film-making god Harmony Korine sat down with Patrick O’Dell for an exclusive interview. If you only …

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Pro-File: Lucien Clarke

“Skate culture goes hand in hand with fashion”

Lucien Clarke is an enigma. I mean, skaters on the whole are hard to pin down. A highly flexible schedule,…

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Crown are holding a $55k Counter Strike Tournament for some reason

The terrorists are coming to Crown

Crown Casino is usually the location of choice for hen’s nights and the Logies, not a venue for an international …

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Yelawolf goes on rant defending the confederate flag, may have lost his mind


Well, where to start with this one? Noted southern rapper Yelawolf has gone on a very confusing facebook rant to …

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This video of a girl getting shot in the butt with a pizza slice gave me an existential crisis [NSFW]

So where do we go from here?

Considering that I spend approximately 90% of my day online in one capacity or another, I’d like to think that …

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feature drone

These guys tried to smuggle porn and drugs into a prison with a drone

What are mates for?

If a friend of yours was locked behind bars you’d want to do everything in your power to help them …

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Create your own lo-fi videos with the VHS Camcorder app

Nostalgia for some, novelty for others

I remember taking family holidays during my childhood, lugging around a brick-like camcorder, recording happy (or not) memories on a …

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