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Sydney photographer Alex Johnstone took some photos for us, Volume I

Shake the sand out of your towel, shotgun a beer and check this out

We introduced you… to this 18-year-old Sydneysider last month and since then he’s been collecting snapshots of his life for us. Now, it’s time to put on your voyeur goggles


Watch: Los Scandalous – Skid Row serves a brutal glimpse into life in the US’ harshest suburb

Chances are this is the rawest thing you'll see all day

Australian filmmaker Shanks Rajendran has made a name for himself exploring some of the most notorious neighbourhoods in the United …


This woman’s weave may have saved her life when she was shot in the head

A hair's breadth from tragedy

A Chicago teenager must be just about the luckiest person in the world after dodging a bullet in the most …


Interview: Tas Pappas

Methods and Madness

A lot of ink has been printed about the Pappas brothers over the years. From endless profiles in skate mags…


This guy spent over $42,000 on Transformers: Age of Extinction tickets to get back at an ex

But no amount of Bay can replace the bae

In a move sure to go down in passive-aggressive nice-guy history, a man in Beijing has spent a quarter of …


Meet the 18-year-old Melbourne guy who just got drafted into the NBA

$4.5 million and all that Jazz

It’s no secret that Australians are a pretty sports-mad people. Despite a burgeoning domestic league in most sports, many of …