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We would definitely eat at this luxe Gucci Restaurant

Definitely not the kind of themed dining experience you were imagining

If you’re going to eat at a branded theme restaurant, it may as well be one designed and fitted out …

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Donald Trump thinks he would get on really well with Vladimir Putin

Could they find love in a hopeless place?

Donald Trump has moved away from his ‘old man yells at Mexico’ schtick briefly to talk friendship with other questionable …

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Cops in San Fran are equipped with quad bikes that turn into jetskis

Because reasons

Quad bikes that turn into water skis have been around for a minute but they’re still the coolest shit you’ll …

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Win a photography session in Sydney with Ta-Ku and Repeat Pattern

24 Hours. One City. No sleep.

A while back, Ta-ku and his esteemed collaborator Repeat Pattern were chatting about their future trip to Tokyo and realised …

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This is what women want, according to their porn search history

Pornhub knows more about women than Mel Gibson

In the year 2000, Mel Gibson was the one to know what women wanted, and the prick used it for…

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Gwyneth Paltrow designed $1700 clutches honouring Eminem and Hov

Gwyneth Paltrow is a big hip-hop head. Srsly

Gwyneth Paltrow has designed handbags for luxury clutch maker, Edie Parker, which seems reasonable/normal in an ‘A-listers tend to do …

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This travel jacket just raised the most money for a crowdfunded clothing project ever

Keeping your comfort levels sky-high when you hit rock bottom on your next LDF

It’s universally accepted that while it definitely gets you where you need to go, long distance plane travel is something …

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