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Hype DC and ACCLAIM present: Issue Three of Limit’d

Featuring Kyah Simon, Tkay Maidza, and more

It’s that time again, we’re excited to reveal issue three of Limit’d – our free monthly digital magazine for iPhone …

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360 identifies the Australian flag with racism

#Controversy #QandA

Aussie rapper Matt Colwell, AKA 360, made his controversial debut on Q&A last night, coming forward with the statement …

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HBA now sell an $850 set of bed sheets

Proof that every Fuccboi is a Cozy Boy at heart

Now there’s no excuse to let the aesthetic slip once the sun goes down. Streetwear giants HBA and Off-White have …

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What if your favourite Disney characters were in Super Smash Bros?

All your childhood dreams come true

There are few things greater than a good Disney mash-up. But when you combine the nostalgia of classic Disney characters …

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Archer isis

The spies of TV’s Archer will no longer be operating under the ‘ISIS’ banner

We'll give you one guess as to why

In a Shihad/Pacifier move, animated spy series Archer‘s International Secret Intelligence Service (or ‘ISIS’) has dropped its name to clear …

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Explorer Issue Feature: Legs McNeil

In the early ‘70s a young Legs McNeil was fresh to New York City and struggling to break into the…

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This realistic Japanese doll dispenses drinks from her boobs

Did someone say Oedipus complex?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, can you ever say the word “Japanese” without prefacing it with …

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