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Hype DC and ACCLAIM present: Issue five of Limit’d

Featuring Ta-ku, Pageant, and more

Another month, another super fresh issue of Limit’d – our free monthly digital magazine for iPhone and iPad. From music, to art, to design, Limit’d is your go-to source for …


Pharrell Williams will guest star on ‘The Simpsons’

Skateboard P continues his cartoon connection

I feel like I haven’t written about Pharrell for a hot minute (it’s actually been six weeks) but fortunately, the …

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A guy posed as a toilet on Tinder for a week and matched over 200 people

"Can I sit on ya face?"

Oliet is a 25 year old sentient toilet who made Tinder his bitch for seven days, regardless of being near …

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Watch: Bros stage IRL Mario Kart battle mode

Here’s one you can try at home

There is something about Mario Kart music that dials the fun-level up on anything. Case in point, dudes using remote …

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Check it out! Dr. Steve Brule is getting a half hour special

For your viewing

Before he landed a spot on Tim and Eric and got his own spin-off series, Steve Brule tried to make …

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Watch: MEKS, REALS and TUES in Perth

Gotta love a good spraycation

Recently, Ironlak writers MEKS, REALS and TUES made a trip to the west coast, painted a few walls and met …

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Last year’s most common password is mind-blowingly lazy

But it's not 'password'

It’s one of the greatest first world problems we face today. Having to remember another fucking password for another thing …

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