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This app automatically changes your words into emoji

Emojimo is about to take your messaging game to the next level

Our apparent aversion to using real words in daily communication has resulted in many a questionable abbreviation, unapologetic typos and …

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Watch: The Australian Sex Party’s asstounding new campaign

Featuring art by Lush, music by Grandtheft and more asses than the frontbench can fit

If you’re a Victorian, you’re probably aware that your television time has become an onslaught of political conjecture, shoddy photoshop …

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Swedish campaign searches for new “female masturbation” word

Something prettier than "primin' the hymen" please

When it comes to spanking the monkey, guys seem to have a lot more terms to express the act that …

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Waka Flocka Flame’s lozenge commercial was maybe the best thing about the AMAs

"I can't live without my Pine Brothers – straight up."

Commercials are usually the best things to derive from American television institutions (read: the Super Bowl or any awards show …

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Win: One of Super Special’s 10 Tees for 10 Years

Featuring designs from RONE, Oslo Davis, Ghost Patrol, Simon ‘Woody’ Wood, Alex Mitchell, Meggs and more

Over the past decade Super Special has grown from a niche screen printing organisation to the Australia’s preferred choice for …

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Jokes written by kids will make your day

I'll have what they're having

I was once sitting at a bar when a couple of guys came up to me and asked me if …

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