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An Obituary for the iPod Classic

 RiP 

Apple made a slew of announcements recently, and predictably the internet exploded with rapture, snark, and tired memes. But, in between all the hype about the iPhone 6 and the …


One of t.A.T.u’s ‘lesbians’ is actually a raging homophobe

Oh, all the things she said

This is the most controversial thing to come from t.A.T.u since finding out they built a music career on being …

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Twitter Reacts: J-Lo and Iggy’s ‘Booty’ video

Don't know what to think? Let these tweeters do the thinking.

ICYMI, veteran pop singer and OG booty shaker Jennifer Lopez has just dropped the video treatment for the remix of…

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Baewatch: Charlotte Jane by Eddie New

The Sydney-based Fashion photographer strips everything down for us

You should get used to seeing this face around. Just trust me on that, okay? If you see her, you…

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Watch: ‘Becoming Belle Knox’ a haunting look into the life of a pornstar

Miriam Weeks and her infamous "alter-ego"

Broken into five parts, the poignant doco-series examines Miriam Weeks’ decision to enter pornography, her Duke peers’ reaction following her …

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Here are Iggy Azalea’s high school yearbook photos

Started from the bottom now we here

This is probably all 20-something hot girls’ nightmare – having their high school photos released on the internet. Fulfilling all …

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Baewatch: Girls, girls, girls by Bruno Maric

There's something for everyone in this extensive selection from Bruno Maric

For the third instalment of ‘Baewatch’ we wanted to give you something a little more, a gift that kept on…

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Rich dude throws a full-blown tantrum after being rejected on Tinder

A lesson in what not to do

The best part about Tinder is that it’s still proving to be really interesting in terms of social interaction. The …

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