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Team Player Issue Feature – Play The Field

stright from the pages of our latest issue

Photography by: Michelle Tran
Styling by: Jade Leung at Vivien’s Creative
Makeup by: Caroline Massola at Unsigned Management
Hair by: Frank Valvo and Meika Khong at Fur Hairdressing
Photography assistance …

Words Photography by Michelle Tran

Grumpy Cat dons Pharrell hat

The cat celebrity (government name: Tardar Sauce) steals the spotlight at the MTV Movie Awards

The ultimate meme-on-meme outfit made its way down the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards last weekend. Grumpy Cat, …


These four-year-old BMXing twins will make you feel incredibly happy, inferior

Jake and Theo scoff at your petty training wheels

Meet Jake and Theo Riddle from Queenstown, New Zealand: two tiny tots who are about to make you question your …


The most awkward sex education videos ever made

Re-live your embarrassing pubescent years with political incorrectness, chronic masturbation and Walt Disney

America and comprehensive sex education have never been friends. Abstinence-only has been the modus operandi of most schools since before …

Alicia Keys & Kendrick Lamar “It’s On Again” (Video Trailer)

Featuring Pharrell, Hans Zimmer and Spidie

A trailer has just been leaked for ‘It’s On Again’, the recently released single taken from the forthcoming, The Amazing …


This Israeli Underwear Ad Was Banned for Being Too Racy

"Too many sexual insinuations", a horny puppet and Leonardo Dicaprio's ex

It seems Little Missy Piggy and Sam The Eagle had a secret affair back in the late eighties, the product …

Alex Campbell_Nick Boserio

Watch: ‘Staff Riding’ train surfing documentary

This mini-doco chronicles the South Africans who risk their lives surfing trains

Staff riding is local slang for train surfing in Katlehong, South Africa. Marco Casino’s documentary follows the youths behind the …