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Be Crocwise

WATCH: Northern Territory government drops a music video

Bizarre crocodile safety alert

It’s always a good time when the government try their hand at being relatable. A campaign with a hint of …

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Watch: TV show plays insane airplane prank on Paris Hilton

Like, whatever, that was mean

Who authorised this? Paris Hilton might not be the fave but today I’ll be her sympathiser. In the above footage, …

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Watch: Kidult explains the motivation behind his art

Fuck your "favourite subversive artist"

Political graffiti artist KIDULT strikes again with the conclusive new video, Funeral Fanfare, to underline the direction of his work. …

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This has to be one of the the weirdest STD PSAs ever

Norway have come up with a campaign that's hard to ignore

In an attempt to encourage the use of condoms and promote safe sex in Norway, RFSU, a sexual health charity …

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game of scores_ICON
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Watch this $10,000 gold Apple watch get destroyed by magnets

It's okay if you want to cry

By now, you’re probably familiar with the trend of people destroying wildly expensive items to gain clicks on YouTube. The …

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Jurassic World just smashed a worldwide record

First zombies, then superheroes. Now, dinosaurs are cleaning up at the box office.

It probably comes as little surprise that a billion dollar film about a genetically engineered superdinosaur that escapes its enclosure …

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