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RU - The Thin Line Between Influence and Biting2

No Country for (Old) Rap Men: The thin line between influence and biting

From Action Bronson to Your Old Droog, Robbie Unkut looks at rappers who wear their influences on their sleeves without being derivative

When does ‘influence’ become ‘imitation’ in rap? While there has always been a strong element of riding the wave of whatever sound is popular and the inevitability of adopting some …


Eavesdrop: Future Classic and Le Coq Sportif’s The Reissue Project

The music and style collab goes through the archives to rework tracks and tracksuits

Everyone knows that Future Classic is spearheading Australian electronic music on an international scale. Predominantly an independent record label, they also provide management services and do some of the best …


Death Grips soundtrack a new adidas commercial

Yes you read that correctly

This is probably the first time and last time that the words ‘Death Grips‘ and ‘commercial’ will be …

Riff Raff Action Bronson

Listen: RiFF RAFF – ‘Rookies of the Future’ (feat. Action Bronson, prod. Alchemist)

More from the rap game Eric Clapton

RiFF RAFF could’ve played for the Seahawks, the Pistons, the Raiders, or the Bluejays but instead he’s playing he’s playing …


The internet Photoshops “The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd” Anthony Fantano onto iconic album covers

Here are our 25 favourites

Anthony Fantano: a self-proclaimed musician, vegan, troublemaker, health nut, radio host, and b/vlogger. The internet: a place where people go …

RU - The Thin Line Between Influence and Biting2
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Watch: A-Trak gets personal on the HOT97 Morning Show

A-Trak talks about his DJ battle days, Fool's Gold, how he met Kanye and more

In this in depth interview with HOT97, turns a little inward and gets outwardly personal. Talking on the Morning Show …