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RU - A Brief History of Porn Rap2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: A brief history of Porn Rap

Rap and adult entertainment have been bedfellows for some time now – Coolio's PornHub collab is just the latest stunt

Dirty Rapps [sic] have been an integral part of hip-hop since its humble beginnings. Big Bank Hank boasted about his “super sperm” on ‘Rapper’s Delight’, (albeit courtesy of the rhyme …


An Obituary for the iPod Classic

 RiP 

Apple made a slew of announcements recently, and predictably the internet exploded with rapture, snark, and tired memes. But, in between all the hype about the iPhone 6 and the …

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Giveaway: Explore China

Thanks to Geckos Adventures and ACCLAIM

Been itching to explore the beautiful and amazing China, but unsure of where to start? Let us help. Thanks to …

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Listen: Lucki Eck$ – Body High LP

More slow-burn quality from the Chicago rapper

Chicago rapper Lucki Eck$ crept onto the scene last year with his slow-burn Alternative Trap mixtape. The 18-year-old has now …

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Listen: Katana – George FM New School mix Ep.01

Katana releases 100 minutes of trap gold

NZ based Katana has dropped his latest mix with eclectic results. Balancing laid back trap with R&B remixes of the …


Listen: Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Young Thug – ‘Take A Picture’

The Atlanta duo team up on ominous new single

With an album release on the cards for later in the year, super-producer Mike WiLL Made-It has wasted no time …

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Listen: SOPHIE – ‘Hard’

We can pretty much guarantee that this is the most insane track you will hear today

True to form, the new track from mysterious UK producer SOPHIE is absolutely mental. Following on from the release of …

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