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RU - Why Is Live Rap Such A Let Down?2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Why is live rap such a let-down?

If the standard of rap shows slips any further, Robbie Unkut has pledged to start throwing furniture

When I first caught the rap bug way back in 1987, it was primarily consumed through TDK tape dubs and the occasional record. Melbourne was only provided a limited trickle …

RU - A Brief History of Porn Rap2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: A brief history of Porn Rap

Rap and adult entertainment have been bedfellows for some time now – Coolio's PornHub collab is just the latest stunt

Dirty Rapps [sic] have been an integral part of hip-hop since its humble beginnings. Big Bank Hank boasted about his “super sperm” on ‘Rapper’s Delight’, (albeit courtesy of the rhyme …

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NehruvianDOOM to be released on October 3

The wait is finally over

It’s a good time for good music and yet another eagerly awaited project is finally set to drop. Bishop Nehru

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Did Drake just get a tattoo of the prayer hands emoji?


Hollywood tattooist Doctor Woo recently uploaded a new work to his Instagram account, tagging Drake and leading many to …

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OutsideIn festival shares second lineup announcement

Roy Davis Jr, Basenji and Brenmar set to rock Sydney University

Sydney festival OutsideIn has just dropped the second list of names for their 2014 lineup and it’s expanded on an …

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