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Rihanna reveals new album info and it’s not “R8″

so close yet so far

The Rihanna Navy have been waiting patiently (for the most part) on the singer’s new album. Initially titled R8, Ri

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Beyond the Valley’s second lineup announcement adds Skepta and 15 more acts

Hope you got your tickets

As if Beyond the Valley hadn’t already put together basically the perfect New Year’s party with their first lineup, the …

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Twitter Reacts: Paparazzi expose Justin Bieber’s penis, the internet melts down

What do you peen?

Justin Bieber is currently breaking the internet. Not because of his newly Platinum single, not because of some wild club…

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The internet’s favourite cat Lil Bub is dropping an album just in time for Christmas

Will El-P feature on production?

Following her appearance on Run the Jewels’ cat-inspired remix album, internet famous feline Lil Bub has announced she will releasing …

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Yeezer: A review of the Kanye West/Weezer mash-up

Dad's first hip-hop album

Mashups have always danced on the verge of novelty, often sitting somewhere between being a legitimately good alternate version and …

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For some reason, Bow Wow filmed a music video at Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer’s house

"All it takes is one call"

When Bow Wow toured Australia earlier this year (a club tour, mind you), few could have guessed that he’d soon …

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Small Talk: Sable

A few quick questions with the URL LUV producer

Sable’s had a pretty impressive couple of months, dropping his new EP URL LUV  and selling out shows nationally on …

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Rihanna bares her body and soul for Vanity Fair

Riri isn't as much of a badgal as you think she is

We can’t go a week without a new Rihanna cover story – not that we’re complaining. Vanity Fair has featured …

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