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Converse Presents: Made by You – Lee Spielman of Trash Talk

Trash Talk are speed and raw energy incarnate. Their prolific output, rapid-fire song times, wide-swathe of associated acts and brutal…

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Let me Drake that for you: A Drake-only search engine

Trawl the Drake-net on your search behaviour

Sometimes you never know what’s missing in your life until you have it. This can be as simple as a …

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Listen: Bibi Bourelly, songwriter for Rihanna, breaks out with new solo track ‘Riot’

First we had RiRi, now meet BiBi

Bibi Bourelly, who was behind Rihanna’s recent single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’, has released the hearty track ‘Riot’ on …

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action bronson
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Tyler the Creator’s “Cherry Bomb” Is Out Now

The Odd Future vet even gets Ye and Wayne to hop on the same track

2015 has been a whirlwind for music and rap fans. We’ve been treated to an excellent new album almost on …

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