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RU - The Thin Line Between Influence and Biting2

No Country for (Old) Rap Men: The thin line between influence and biting

From Action Bronson to Your Old Droog, Robbie Unkut looks at rappers who wear their influences on their sleeves without being derivative

When does ‘influence’ become ‘imitation’ in rap? While there has always been a strong element of riding the wave of whatever sound is popular and the inevitability of adopting some …


Eavesdrop: Future Classic and Le Coq Sportif’s The Reissue Project

The music and style collab goes through the archives to rework tracks and tracksuits

Everyone knows that Future Classic is spearheading Australian electronic music on an international scale. Predominantly an independent record label, they also provide management services and do some of the best …

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Your Old Droog starts Vlog series, obliterates Nas rumours

Turns out he's not Nas. Not even a little bit.

Since Droog dropped his 10 track EP on Soundcloud 2 months ago, there’s been a glut of rumours over his …

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You’ve read the #healthgoth Fitness Bible, right?

Deadlifts just got way more brutal

In the constant churn of music subcultures and internet movements, a threshold has been reached for just how much one …

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ACCLAIM Magazine Issue 33 – The Explorer Issue

It's time to unveil our latest edition

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the brand new edition of ACCLAIM magazine, the ‘Explorer’ issue, will be hitting shelves …

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