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RU - Why Criminal Minded and Critical Beatdown are the both the greatest rap albums ever made2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Why Criminal Minded and Critical Beatdown are both the greatest rap album ever made

Robbie Unkut on why these albums are not only indispensable, but also cut from the same cloth

Every time I’ve been asked to list my favourite rap albums of all time, the top position is always a tussle between two clear favourites: Boogie Down Productions’ Criminal Minded …


Eavesdrop: Tkay Maidza

The self-described 'brat rap' star tells us how to make make art out of damaged CDs

Tkay Maidza is a honey. Firstly, she’s from Adelaide and I’ve got the baddest soft spot for Adelaide. It’s simple, the air smells clean and everyone I’ve ever met from …


Listen: Captain Murphy – ‘Cosplay’

New drugged-out, perverted raps from FlyLo's alter-ego

Flying Lotus‘ rapping alter-ego Captain Murphy has just released new track ‘Cosplay’, the the latest instalment in the 2014 …


Watch: Iggy Azalea – Black Widow (feat. Ria Ora)

The Australian rapper racks another piece of Pop Culture

Does Iggy Azalea close her eyes and point to her DVD collection every time she has a music video to …


This Might be the World’s First Tinder Pop Song

Set in a world where Tinder is populated by extras from (500) Days of Summer

If Kris Jenner has taught us anything, it’s that shamelessly cashing in on pop-cultural phenomena in a desperate bid for …

kanye feature

Listen: A rough version of Kanye West’s ‘All Day’ has leaked

Gospel from Earth's latest prophet

A rough full-length version of the Kanye West‘s new single, ‘All Day’ has leaked. Following the success of the …


Listen: XXYYXX – ’Unknown’

The producer teams up with Vanessa Elisha for the first single from his upcoming EP

18-year-old Marcel Everett, better known as XXYYXX teams up with Vanessa Elisha for the first single from his upcoming yet …


Listen: Flosstradamus – ‘Rebound’

New track from the hoodie boyz is a little less turnt up and more downtempo

Plurnt kings Flosstradamus have released a new track for those moments when your trap shoulders are sore and you want …