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RU - Who Are The Most Likeable Characters In Rap?2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Who are the most likeable characters in rap?

"Professional jerk" Robbie Unkut takes a look at rappers who are simply incapable of exhausting the public's goodwill

Recently I was congratulated for “hating on the most unhateable guy in rap,” after suggesting that rotund producer Statik Selektah had an affinity for Kenny G saxophone samples in his …

RU - Why Is Live Rap Such A Let Down?2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Why is live rap such a let-down?

If the standard of rap shows slips any further, Robbie Unkut has pledged to start throwing furniture

When I first caught the rap bug way back in 1987, it was primarily consumed through TDK tape dubs and the occasional record. Melbourne was only provided a limited trickle …


Watch: ‘Minimum Wage’ Bambu

The LA rapper supliments his album release with a sweeping clip

Off the back of the release of his album ‘Party Worker’, LA rapper Bambu has dropped a video for stand-out …

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Watch: Rich Gang ‘Flava’

Pretty you've come to expect from this collab

The Rich Gang trifecta have dropped another video to accompany a single from their mix-tape ‘Tha Tour Part 1,’ teaming …

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Watch: Kool A.D.–’Look’/ ‘Jose Canesco’ Double Video

Soak up some posi end of week vibes from the Das Racist rapper

Kool A.D just dropped another video, which if nothing else serves as further proof that his life is everyone else’s …

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Watch: Rick Ross ft. R. Kelly – ‘Keep Doin That (Rich Bitch)’

Predictably dank as hell

Rick Ross, our generations most relevant exponent of the old-school gangster myth, just dropped the video for his latest …

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K-Pop Superstar CL Is Coming To America

And she's working with pop-icon mastermind, Scooter Braun

2NE1 member CL is coming to America and hooking up with top talent manager Scott Samuel “Scooter” Braun. Scooter is …

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’90s music videos get the 8-bit treatment

Can you tell your Weezer from your Blind Melon?

Filthy Frackers are a Youtube channel and couple from Portland who “aim to combine our love of music, art, and …

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Video Premiere: Sinks – ‘Fraudulence’

Get a first look at the video treatment for the Melbourne MC's new single

Melbourne MC and producer Sinks is set to launch his latest single ‘Fraudulence’ this weekend and we have been given …

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