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Interview: Brodinski

France's biggest trap music export AKA Gucci Mane's biggest fan talks about what it's like creating music in the modern age

Brodinski has been up in the French electro scene for a minute or more. Under his Bromance label, he’s worked, collaborated with and been influenced by a huge spectrum of …


Small Talk: Northeast Party House

Prepare to have your party game shamed

Northeast Party House have taken a Hold Steady style approach to the way they construct their music. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly much more dance oriented than Hold Steady, …

To Review a Butterfly3

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: To Review A Butterfly

The always controversial Robbie from Unkut weighs in on Kendrick's latest album

Kendrick Lamar‘s third album is an incredibly self-indulgent ride on the Mothership which has already been hailed as the most important hip-hop album of the century by the internet. …

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Kicks: adidas Originals ZX FLUX “Lightweight Tech Pack”

Keeping it simple for summer

Since its introduction, adidas Originals’ ZX Flux has already seen numerous, colour-saturated iterations. The new staple has been given an …

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Watch: The official teaser trailer for ‘Dope’ starring A$AP Rocky and Zoë Kravitz

Pencil this one in for a date-night in the near future

With a cast full of the entertainment industry’s current PYTs, Dope enjoyed a successful premiere screening at the recent Sundance …

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Now you can pay someone to customise your enemies’ logos with penises [NSFW?]


“People are awesome. Organisations can be dicks. Often the organisation runs the people instead of the other way around, and …

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