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Tinder release some mind-blowing usership statistics

try not to get a nosebleed

A recent New York Times feature has uncovered some dizzying figures on Tinder’s user base, noting that the app receives …

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Watch: Ice Cube schools Elmo on Sesame Street


Sure, Ice Cube cemented his scowling face in our psyches as a gangster rapper and has played a few rough …

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Watch: Kool A.D.–’Look’/ ‘Jose Canesco’ Double Video

Soak up some posi end of week vibes from the Das Racist rapper

Kool A.D just dropped another video, which if nothing else serves as further proof that his life is everyone else’s …

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Check out the Bathing Ape Xbox One

Putting the game in your console

Here’s another thing you can put on your Christmas wishlist that you will never, ever get. A Bathing Ape’s sub-line …

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total Lords get themselves sent to jail thanks to weed selfies

...but first let me delete the incriminating evidence

Four geniuses from London have managed to get themselves sent to jail thanks to their propensity for documenting their various …

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Watch: FKA twigs – ‘Video Girl’

The Mercury Prize nominated singer drops her creepiest video yet

FKA twigs is no stranger to quirky, weird videos. Amongst those was one of my favourite music videos of all …

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