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I love the internet. Where else could one find this archival 90s footage of Jon Hamm AKA Donald Draper on a dating show called ‘The Big Date’ with a middle part that could rival Nick Carter’s circa ‘As Long as You Love Me’??

The year was 1996 and the man who was destined to cream the panties of hordes of modern day women via his depiction of a ‘troubled creative genius’ who bangs his secretaries and avoids his family, a la Don Draper, was but a 25-year-old waiter with a desire for nothing other than some air time and maybe getting laid. The video is the whole episode but I have scanned it for some pull-quotes from the Hammster including his response that for a first date he would organize some “fabulous food, fabulous conversation and a fabulous foot massage, for an evening of total fabulousity”. I’m not making this up. Can you believe he didn’t win? I mean, nothing screams raw hetero machismo energy like the repetitive use of the word ‘fabulous’ through slurred tones.

The whole video is a cornucopia of 90’s awesomeness. From the poppy logo, to the set design (what’s with 90s talk show sets look like low rent versions of Rachel and Monica’s apartment from Friends?) Fun fact: apparently the woman is a lesbian now. Go figure.

Watch it above.