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Attention all bong rats and tinny kings, couple of the baddest boys in the business have come together in the most beautiful pairing since we first saw Nautica polos matched with speed dealer sunnies.

The Adlays from @eshaygram have joined forces with Australia’s favourite useful stoners @gatorbeug and created the PRO SHOEY TN. Not even pulling your leg, this is a professional shoey mug made of glazed ceramic in the Nike TN silhouette.

This 750ml bombshell fits a whole bottle of Gossips or a coupla XXXX. Once you know this baby exists no Sunday sesh will ever be the same. And as an added plus, you won’t be downing Bazza’s foot sweat along with your VB.

If you are more of a beug baby than a shoey king, feel free to use the PRO SHOEY TNs as a place to ditch your stinging rogers or dank mix.

Available from 4:20pm (blaze it) today on the Gatorbeug website, the PRO SHOEY TN costs an on-the-spot miki fine ($75) plus shipping.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

Weekly updates