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Robots mimicking nature seem to be getting continuously more advanced (and popular). German Engineering company Festo has added the iconic marsupial to an already long list of AI animals with BionicKangaroo. Aside from shunning the way cooler name of RoboRoo, BionicKangaroo impresses by moving with eerily similar movements to its biological brethren.

Festo explains that its creation incorporates pneumatic and electrical drive technology with a lightweight construction to create an incredibly agile and dynamic piece of machinery.

The robot mimics the leaping strides of a kangaroo and, like the actual animal, recovers energy when jumping, storing it for subsequent jumps. And impressively, the whole thing is controlled by gestures picked up by an armband.

The BionicKangaroo wasn’t made for commercial purposes (or seemingly any other practical purposes), except of course to be watched bouncing around by slightly perplexed onlookers.

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