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The general rule of celebrity sexuality is that once you have a sex tape out, that’s it. Any mystique surrounding your sexual allure is vaporised in a hail of cached files and you achieve status amongst the famously transient; most likely seen in subsequent years mulling around Ibiza’s DJ scene while fleshing out ill-fated plans for an energy drink promotion or something.

Well, Kim Kardashian has managed to break that mould and we don’t mean by sitting on it with her big ol’ butt. She’s appearing on the Winter 2014 issue of Paper magazine flashing the appendage that’s now synonymous with her name. Okay, we know it’s not technically an appendage but look at that thing! Her ass is so big, it could practically go out and get itself classified as a fifth limb.

It’s not the first time this year she’s gotten as bare as the Yeezus cover. Following getting named GQ‘s “Woman of the Year”, she did a full-on-not-really set of snaps with the mag (of course, we put them in the gallery above in case you missed it).

The cover is for Paper mag’s ‘Break the Internet’ issue which, at this point, is probably going to become a self fulfilling prophecy given the full-butt shot is going to be website available only. The subtext of the alternate print cover, on which Kim is busting champagne on her slightly more obscured posterior, is still pretty damn superfluous (in a good way). I guess I’ve been drinking champagne wrong this whole time.


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