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Kodak is back and entering the smartphone market

Make every moment a Kodak moment

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For a moment there, somewhere in-between digital cameras and the selfie stick it looked as if Kodak was destined to be a thing of the past but it appears the brand has harnessed the world’s love of all things aesthetic to make their way back to the top.

Their new smartphone, the Kodak Ektra, was designed with photographers as top priority. The phone is apparently reminiscent of using a DSLR camera, allowing the photographer more control over the images they capture. The Ektra boasts an intuitive touchscreen DSLR Dial (with haptic touch), customisable manual mode (with adjustable shutter speed and ISO rating), horizontal two step shutter release and extensive scene mode selection. In terms of looks, this bad boy is almost as luxurious as its technical features with steel-rimmed lens, textured finish and premium materials.

Obviously you’d expect the camera on this phone to blow everyone away and Kodak is keeping things real clear with a 21 megapixel rear camera and 13 megapixel front facing camera. You’ll also never run out of space with a 32 gigabyte memory plus expandable MicroSD cards so feel free to be a snap-happy as you wish. Complete with a Gorilla glass screen and inbuilt editing functions, the Kodak Ektra is sure to help some people seriously up their Insta game.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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