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Those cliched memorial urns are now a thing of the past thanks to the creepy trailblazers over at Cremation Solutions. The company has started selling “12-inch posable cremation urn action figures”. The keepsake figurines which are surprisingly lifelike “hold a small amount of ashes inside a sealed chamber within the head” and can be customised to resemble a loved one through the magic that is 3D printing. Seriously, is there anything a 3D printer can’t do? Apparently they’ve been used to make working guns, musical instruments and even a 3D fetus… tasty.

The figurines also come in a range of styles, so that you can really capture the essence of your fallen compadre. These include: ‘Superman’, ‘Trendy Male’, ‘Military Male’, ‘Bad Girl’, ‘School Girl’, ‘Detective Girl’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and the justifiably pricey ‘Robot Man’. Several of the designs seem to be based pretty closely on celebrities. We spotted ‘Robert Pattinson’ as Indiana Jones and director Uwe Boll as ‘Casual Male’… I smell a lawsuit.

To get your hands on your own customisable urn-figure head to the Cremation Solutions website. It’s totally not weird to get one made in your own image while your still alive, right?

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