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There are but a few truly legendary rivalries wherein the opposing forces rely on each other’s existence to justify their own. Seinfeld and Newman, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, Batman and the Joker, Batman and Ra’s al Ghul, Batman and pretty much everyone. Oh, and of course, Bart Simpson and Sideshow Bob.

Yep, after years of attempts to snatch away young Bart’s life, The Simpsons’ executive producer Al Jean has told a Texas conference that Sideshow Bob will finally kill off Springfield’s favourite badass.

It was revealed that the upcoming annual Treehouse of Horror Simpsons special will focus one third of its runtime on Bob’s longstanding obsession with capturing and killing Bart. “I’m one of those people that always wanted to see the Coyote eat the Roadrunner,” Jean said “I hated frustration comedy, so we’ll scratch that itch”.

We don’t know exactly how Bart will meet his demise, or many details of the episode. But we do know that like any other Simpsons halloween, the dead don’t stay dead for long. Bart will no doubt be resurrected as his former ageless self and things will carry on as they should, but it’ll be worth it for the satisfaction of seeing Bob finally get his way. We imagine they’ll play it out to focus on Bob’s disillusionment with a post-Bart Springfield before patching things up. At least all the cards are on the table with the fleeting death, unlike that dumb Brian Griffin stunt back in ’13. Those were some dark days.

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