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One of the toughest lessons learnt in life is that which comes with the burden of having to live with your shitty iPhone and its broken screen. Each time you look down at your phone you’re constantly reminded of what was and find yourself questioning why you took that piece of perfection for granted. While it’s easy to send your phone away and wait for weeks on end for its replacement or splash out on a new one, there isn’t any moral in that. You learn from your mistakes and while your temporary phone may not live up to its predecessor, you’ll be more cautious and aware the next time round.

Well it seems not everyone lives by the same philosophy. In fact, there are some who find pleasure in destroying their iPhone to a point beyond repair. In-line with the launch of the new iPhone 6S, the guys behind YouTube page Digg, have willingly compiled a series of videos showcasing┬ápeople wrecking their old iPhones. For many, myself included, what’s seen over the course of the three-minute montage is what nightmares are made of. But these guys seem to find it rather satisfying.

See for yourself in the gallery above.

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