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This April the 34th edition of ACCLAIM magazine will find its way to shelves across the world. This print outing is the ‘Next Gen’ issue, dedicated to the wave of emerging creatives who are exploring the frontiers of tomorrow’s culture. This issue’s cover was shot by Adri Law features the indominitable Jessie Andrews, the young entrepreneur whose endeavours span the worlds of pornography, modelling, music, and design.



Jessie is emblematic of the changing societal attitudes towards the adult industry and those who occupy it. The 23-year-old has traversed the equally daunting worlds of being a pornographic actress and a performing musician, and has gained accolades in both fields. We spoke to her about disproving the stereotypes associated with the industry, and what it means to be a role model in 2015.


Ratking have been riding waves of critical praise ever since the release of their debut studio album, So It Goes, last year. With a collective goal to redefine what it means to make hip-hop music, the New York based trio draw on a diverse range of influences to create their fuzzy take on the city’s sound. Writer Andrew Hickey caught up with the group in their studio to discuss their approach music making, and how to navigate the pressures of success.


Up until recently, US based aritst Ian was better know by his graffiti moniker – ‘Hert’. The name was infamous enough that he earned himself an exteneded prison sentence when convicted for graffiti related charges in 2010. Even now, having served his sentence, he is subject to stringent parole conditions that specifically prohibit the possession of art making materials. Still, Ian has found ways to pursue his creative endeavours and produce meaningful artwork while managing to stay on the right side of law.


With 20 tracks in the Billboard Hot 100 bearing his signature audio-tag, it’s safe to say that Mike is one of the most succesful producers currently working. With an unbelievable ear for club hits, the 26-year-old’s rise to the top has been as rapid as it was inevitable. Jonathan Brent spent some time talking to Mike about musical diversity in 2015, and the renewed interest in the role of producer.


In 2005 a website was launched into the digital ether, titled ‘Quartersnacks’ it documented the lore and legend of the contemporary skate scene. The author behind the site, known simply as The Snackman, quickly gained a cult following thanks to his wry observational writing and genuine love for the culture. For this issue of ACCLAIM, The Snackman has penned a informative and passionate retropsective that documents the decades he has spent skating the city streets New York city.