adidas Originals BMX Giveaway

Thanks to Footlocker you might be ridin’ dirty on a trefoil BMX

Posted By Alex Weiland |

adi-fans get excited because thanks to Footlocker, adidas Originals has got an epic one-off adidas originals BMX to give away to one loyal brand follower. Valued at $4,000 the features of this bad-boy include…
Custom built & crafted THE SET 20″ FRAME & FORK.
Custom adidas paint design
Profile Racing GDH crankset with titanium crank bolts with custom made Sprocket
Profile Racing Elite Hubs with Titanium driver and head bolts hand built o G- Sport Rollcage Rims Odyssey USA Bottom Bracket with Titanium axle
Cult Mindcontrol Stem
Cult Dehart Tyres
Fly Bikes Reuben Graphite Pedals
Custom made kangaroo leather adidas trefoil seat.
Animal Edwin adidas Blue grips
Cult 510 Chain

To win head over to the comp page here and tell them how big your love for adidas is. Have you called your first born Adi? Was your 5th birthday cake a shell-toe? Do you have some suss tatt of a naked girl tying up her superstars? TELL EM and you could win!
*Comp only open to those in Oz. Soz.


10 comments on “adidas Originals BMX Giveaway

  1. armando on said:

    i love adidas i have alot of cloths of adidas and a lot of shoes. they have the best deals and the best cloths

  2. mitch plummer on said:

    i looove adidas i have everything of them shoes,tee-shirts shorts,hats,socks. they are cheap and comftable and i also looove bmx

  3. lorne on said:

    i also love adidas they make the best high caulity stuff at a good price

  4. ramiro54 on said:

    Anyone can say they love Adidas but i don't just love Adidas im addicted i am addict to the feeling i first got as young boy when i slipped those sneakers on i felt as if i could go run faster u no when ure yung u feel as if a pair of sneakrs will make u jump run and ride faster well for me they did and because i belived enough it became true and so i got older and so adidas was always there for me as i strived to be the best adidas was always by my side so to me Adidas isn't just a brand that makes shoes shirts etc. they are part of my life they are what defines me so IF U WANNA BE THE BEST U GOTTA WHERE THE BEST ADIDAS AND JUST LIKE THEY'VE BEEN THERE FOR ME THEY'LL BE THERE FOR YOU

  5. anthony decraene on said:

    Adidas i love adidas ADAIDAS MEANS ALL DAY I DREAM ABOT SPORTS they have the most long lasting broducts i have ever had

  6. Furthermore it was considered "unladylike" for women to open their legs to mount and dismount – in more conservative times women who rode bicycles at all were vilified as immoral or immodest. These practices were akin to the older practice of riding horse sidesaddle.

  7. Whoever got that bike is extremely lucky. There are few bikes out there that can compete with that customized bad boy.

  8. I'm not a fan of BMX from Adidas. It was a failed venture. I prefer the indie brands as ADIDAS caters more to CC bikers like them Tour De France athletes. But if you're giving it to me free…

  9. logan on said:

    i am a huge fan of addias and bmx and id love to have this b ike it would be amazing for me to have it

  10. Michelle Cai on said:

    What a g*d*** gorgeous bike. Adidas never fails to impress, and I use their kit all the time. Would love to win this decked out piece of equipment!!

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