Does Anyone Give A Crap About Classic Movies On VHS?

This Is Your Chance To Prove It

Posted By Luke Thompson |

Seriously I’m asking you. Does anyone pine over VHS like some people do vinyl? Is there anyone with a VHS tattoo or is that exclusive to audio cassettes? Do you even still have a VHS player? I’ve just put an uber collection of classic VHS movies on ebay to find out.

Surely there are people out there who “Aint got time to bleed” but still want to own Predator on VHS. Perhaps you want to own a scene where Hulk Hogan pretends to beat some tough guys in a competition of bending an iron bar, when we all know it was really a competition of who had the best mullet. Can you resist your chance to own Keanu Reeves saying “Whoa“, “Dude” and “Bogus” all the time? There’s even the Alien Trilogy in here, you can watch Ripley get in that loader and call an alien a bitch all day long. Or maybe you want to decide once and for all who has the better tough chick rig Vasquez or Ripley. Well this might just be your lucky day. See below to check all the classic titles in this collection. Then follow the link to my ebay auction so you can prove how many craps you give about classic movies on VHS. When I say craps I mean hard earned cash, I’m not in the habit of trading in turds.

Suburban Commando, The Wolfman, Beverly Hills Cop, Beverly Hills Cop 3, Robocop, Ren And Stimpy On Duty, Meet the Feebles, Legs Diamond, The Cable Guy, Grease, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Bill and Teds Bogus Journey, Ghostbusters, SpaceballsPredator 10Th Anniversary Double Pack, Resevoir Dogs, Alien Saga boxed set (Aliens, Aliens and Alien 3).

These movies bring back some fond memories for me and I hope they do for you too. If you get nostalgic at the thought of fast forwarding copyright warnings then look no further than this VHS collection. Get on in there and place a bid while you still can. These things won’t last forever.


4 comments on “Does Anyone Give A Crap About Classic Movies On VHS?

  1. VHSROOLZDOOD on said:

    lol, this is rad. i collect this shit too. my collection highlights include: toxic avenger cartoon, garbage pail kids, cool world, a whole bunch of jesus videos, plus a how to use your microwave instruction vhs.

    • Hellsyeah! I love Toxic Avenger so much. It's one of my all time favourite movies. 80's and 90's action films are the best. We might be the only ones left who care. It's kind of sad to put this collection up for auction, probably even sadder than watching Spaceballs as an adult and not laughing. Although I'm not even certain they will actually sell so I might just get to keep it all.

  2. VHSROOLZDOOD on said:

    if they don't sell by the end of your auction date send me an email at elliotgreen0@gmail and i'll buy them off you.

  3. Turms out someone out there gives a crap about classic movies on VHS. 10c worth to be precise. That's right after ten days of frenzied bidding (no bids at all) the winning bid of 10c was placed with hours to go.

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