Levins’ Post Apocalypse Essentials

We find out what the Sydney chef/DJ will save in his 'Rampaging Mob' when we hit end of days.

MY IPAD // "I have about 4000 unread comics on the Comixology app to get through, that should take me about a month".
MY NEW CAMERA (SONY RX100) // "I just spent a bunch of money on it last week. I may as well use it to take selfies in my new life as a nuclear attack survivor".
THE INTERNET // "It’s not that big, right? I could definitely fit the entire internet in the front pouch, it shouldn’t be too heavy".
A PUPPY // "Six weeks old. A German Shepherd? Any dog that straddles the line of totally cute slash potentially dangerous. I will teach it all of my wisdom and it will hunt for me and protect me from zombies. I will name it ‘Will Smith’."
UNO CARDS // "I will teach Will Smith how to play. One day he will beat me and he will become my master from that day on."
SPACE FOOD STICKS // "For when I decorate my cave to look like the moon. It will complete the illusion that I am an astronaut now."
A TOOTHBRUSH // "My teeth are my greatest asset, I must keep them clean. Plus I can sharpen the other side into a shiv in case there are zombies who are vulnerable to small plastic blades."
A COPY OF GROUNDHOG DAY ON DVD // "I will watch it as soon as I wake up. Every morning. For the rest of my life."
A TUBE OF PAW PAW OINTMENT // "That shit fixes everything."
A COPY OF MY NEW BOOK, 'DINER' // "I’ve been told it is the perfect book for all occasions, including house fires, nuclear attacks and imminent destruction by tidal waves. Everybody should own a copy!"

Call us paranoid, but with the Mayans’ predicted date for the end of the world drawing closer, we’ve been thinking about what we’ll be saving when it all goes to shit – and it seems like we’re not the only ones. Crumpler’s featherweight (and aptly named) Rampaging Mob backpack pairs a minimal profile with a deceptively large 20-litre capacity for all your essentials, as well as some cleverly hidden stash pockets (because even the last guy on earth has something to hide).

We hit up multi-talented main man Andrew Levins, chef of Sydney restaurant The Dip and Heaps Decent head honcho, to find out what he’d throw in his go-bag when the world ends. Given his diverse skill-set, he’ll no doubt be the perfect dude to roll with in case of imminent disaster.

We shot Levins a few travel related questions, as well as got his list of must-haves (which you can scroll through above). If you’re ready to prepare yourself, go and purchase the Rampaging Mob (and a wide array of other great disaster worthy bags) from the Crumpler online store. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Illustrations by Matthew J. Tambellini.

Do you have any travel rituals or good luck charms?

Never travel alone or with a musician. Travel with someone who loves being organised and then fuck up all their plans in the best possible way.

Favourite travel destination?

Hanoi in Vietnam. So far the only place I’ve visited besides Sydney that I would consider living in.

Last place you went?

Bali, for a friends wedding.

Next place you’re headed?

Paris for Christmas with my family.

When you’re embarking on a trip always remember to…

Pack enough shit to entertain me on the long ass flight. Books, comics, movies, music. I actually look forward to long flights, it gives me a chance to catch up on everything.

Dumbest thing I’ve done OS?

Accidentally drinking the tap water in every Asian country I’ve visited and spending the next day keeled over in pain.

Most rewarding thing?

Ditching a tour I was managing in LA for three days and hanging out in the suburbs with some random gangstas I met at a club, eating barbecue and drinking Miller Gold with some guy they called ‘Pops’.

A disaster is headed your way, who’s the one person you call?