MirraCo x Ricky & Dee Ltd Ed BMX

Ricky and Dee design a BMX with an unconventional aesthetic...

Posted By Meisy Cheong |

When I first saw this bike, I thought it was the sickest thing ever. Then I remembered I choose bikes based on aesthetics, so my opinion is definitely not worth listening to. At. All. Ricky & Dee, the hype name of the accessory world, have teamed up with MirraCo to create a bike that, with their “fresh approach”, goes against the norm. Instead, they’ve gone for the white frame, leopard print seat, a dizzying array of neon coloured parts and a decal pack for personalisation. It’s probably one of those things that you either love or despise, but it would be interesting to know what an actual BMXer thinks of it…

Images via HS

2 comments on “MirraCo x Ricky & Dee Ltd Ed BMX

  1. martyn on said:

    how mutch you selling it for m8 and it lookes like a sick bike

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