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Misha Hollenbach: Snagliature

Misha Hollenbach's, Snagliature, opens this week at Utopian Slumps

Posted by Acclaim

Melbourne-local artist Misha Hollenbach is one half of fashion and publishing label P.A.M. as well as a member of the art/music group The Changes. With his work being heavily exhibited throughout the world, Hollenbach is set to open an exhibition this June at Utopian Slumps in Melbourne. His exhibition Snagliature will bring new body of works across the mediums of installation, sculpture, screen printing and collage. The exhibition opens Saturday 02 June.

Misha Hollenbach
Utopian Slumps
Ground Floor, 33 Guildford Lane, Melbourne
Opens 02 June. Until 23 June.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates