News: NASA confirms world will not end in 2012

NASA scientists assure us we’ll keep on kickin’ on after December 21, 2012

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The trusted folk at NASA participated in an online discussion recently to answer questions in relation to the Mayan prophecy of the world’s end on December 21 this year. The verdict? They basically call bullshit on any space/planet-related theory about the expected apocalypse – no rogue planets, not giant meteors, no disastrous solar storms. Personally, I never bought into that theory anyway but I’m pretty glad that it’s not lights out for us just yet.

I guess this means there’ll be a lot less people screaming “YOLO”. I’m not complaining ’bout that either.

Check out some of the Q&A on the NASA site or the full video of the Google+ Hangout here.

6 comments on “News: NASA confirms world will not end in 2012

  1. Leo on said:

    It's December 18, 2012 8:38 pm. I'm sitting here with my 2 year old daughter and 4 month old son……….I really hope you guys are right……I really want to see my kids grow up better than I ever did.

  2. Jack on said:

    I agree with NASA. Not because they're NASA, just because I have my own reason. The Mayan calender dates back to… However long and has countless historical disasters placed within it. All dates have been correctly placed and assumptions from the ancient Mayans were correct. Just because the Calendar 'stops' tomorrow (21st December 2012) doesn't mean the world will 'stop'. I mean, yes, it is plausible due to the amount of times the Mayan calendar has been correct previously, but they cant write forever. Maybe they just decided to stop? Well, I guess we're finding out tomorrow. Merry Christmas Everyone.

  3. Zak on said:

    Hmmm… Yes I agree with you Sir Jack, it is a very plausible possibility that the 'end' will be tomorrow. But personally I would have to say that they couldn't be bothered writing anymore, they just writ two thousand years of dates and this cannot continue forever.

    • Jack on said:

      I believe you have read my comment wrong Zak, I stated that the world will not end tomorrow yet you stated, against mine, claiming I was wrong, saying the exact same thing. Im not trying to cause an arguement, but it seems that you misread my comment because I stated the exact same things in my comment. Then you go against my comment stating the same things. Are you arguing with me? It seems like your not.

  4. Zak on said:

    Well Jack I can very well see that we are at an in-pass. Now I have to kill you goodbye!

  5. durtyd on said:

    the end well i think onl god knows that

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