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News: NASA confirms world will not end in 2012

NASA scientists assure us we’ll keep on kickin’ on after December 21, 2012

Posted by ACCLAIM Staff

The trusted folk at NASA participated in an online discussion recently to answer questions in relation to the Mayan prophecy of the world’s end on December 21 this year. The verdict? They basically call bullshit on any space/planet-related theory about the expected apocalypse – no rogue planets, not giant meteors, no disastrous solar storms. Personally, I never bought into that theory anyway but I’m pretty glad that it’s not lights out for us just yet.

I guess this means there’ll be a lot less people screaming “YOLO”. I’m not complaining ’bout that either.

Check out some of the Q&A on the NASA site or the full video of the Google+ Hangout here.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates