Nick Mahoney’s Post Apocalypse Essentials


A SELECTION OF LOCAL ALES // I will need a nice cold beer after building my new hut to live in.
FISHING ROD // Fish may not be affected by the nuclear attack and therefore not dangerous to eat. Plus fishing is sweet fun.
HATCHET WINTER (NOVEL) // It has some great survival techniques. I read it when I was younger and always wanted to get lost in the bush.
IPHONE // To play Ski Safari when I’m bored.
FRESH JOCKS AND SOCKS // To prevent being gross.
LIGHTERS // To burn shit with. Sparklers etc.
STARBURST LOLLIES // To barter with anyone I happen to come across along the way.
SUNSCREEN // I’m white.
BIKE // I'll need it to keep fit in case of zombies.
HIPPO // To ride around and then eat once its dead.

SO, that was awkward. Just goes to show the ancient Mayans were clearly smoking something herbal when they made their apocalyptic predications, as it’s 2013 and we’re still here! But now is as good a time as any to think about survival. We made it…. This time. In the last of our series outlining a few of our friends’ ‘go-bags’, we hit up Nick Mahoney of cycle-n-streetwear store Saint Cloud to outline what he’s stash away in his safe and sturdy Crumpler bag IF the world had ended. It may not be end of days no more, but it’s always a good time to keep your shit safe, just ask all the fools who lost stuff on new years.

And as a bike fanatic, there’s no better bag for Nick than Crumpler’s Barney Rustle Blanket messenger bag. Proportioned to carry loads without ever weighing you down, it fits A4/foolscap-sized folders in its 14-litre main compartment, plus all your everyday essentials across an array of easy access pockets. Handy when you’re riding your bike to escape zombies…

If you’re ready to prepare yourself for the unexpected, go hit up the Crumpler webstore and get packing.

Illustrations by Matthew J. Tambellini.

Favourite travel destination?

Anywhere beachy.

Last place you went?

Wilsons Prom.

Next place you’re headed?

Lake Tooliorook.

When you’re embarking on a trip always remember to…

Pack everything as last minute and rushed as possible.

Dumbest thing I’ve done OS?

Tipped a beer on a Swede’s head at a KRS-One concert.

Most rewarding thing?

Cycling in Japan.

A disaster is headed your way, who’s the one person you call?




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  2. I'd pack as many changes of clothes as possible – especially the rugged weather-resistant ones. In times as rough as those, you'd need clothes tough enough to stand up to the elements.

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    Thanks for the posting.

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