Postcards: Nic Gossage in Vancouver, New York, and Dallas

Freedom Tunnel, Freight Yards, and a whole lot of fun


Portland, Oregon. Riding around on bicycles made everything convenient. From exploring the surrounding freight train yards and forests, to being able to enjoy cheap beers without the worry of time and transportation.

Vancouver, BC. – SYHIS. Endless opportunities of new sites to venture to, plus the welcoming friendliness of being shown around.

New York, Flatiron District – I had the privilege to spend some time with skateboarder Pat Hoblin. I have seen no one skate through traffic as fast and flexible as him. He has a vast talent in photography as well.

Hoboken, New Jersey – I looked up a cheap coupon online for a helicopter flight around New York & New Jersey. Why not?

Bushwick, Brooklyn – Taking a train ride anywhere and seeing where I would end up.

The Freedom Tunnel, Upper West Side – I had been looking forward to entering the Freedom Tunnel for some time now and was happy I got to tick that off my bucket list.

Bedford Park Blvd, Bronx – This was an interesting part of my time in New York, and my entire trip really. I ended up in Central Bookings in the Bronx for 19 hours.

Subway, New York. – A friend from Brooklyn hooked me up with local writer SABIO. I spent a lot of time along side him snapping away as he showed me everything above New York and below.

Dallas, Texas – Just a quick stop over in a tornado zone.

In our second instalment of ‘Postcards‘ we catch up with Nic Gossage, a young photographer who’s just made it back to Australia after a whirlwind tour of Canada and the US. Nic has the perfect eye for catching moments of stillness in otherwise chaotic circumstances. When you’re looking at his tranquil images of a Bronx train yard it’s hard to imagine that he spent nearly a day in jail shortly after taking the snap.

As he explains in his own words “Earlier this year I journeyed from Australia to California and up the north-west side of America into Canada. Then leaving from Canada to New York. I was photographing along train tracks, subways, planes and helicopters. Being as vigilant as I could be, not going a day without shooting for 6 weeks. Anything and everything was catching my eyes in this new environment.”

Nic Gossage

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