RIP Lewis Marnell

Very sad news for the skate community with the passing of one of Australia's best.

Posted By Alex Weiland |

Some very sad news this morning… Melbourne Nike SB skater Lewis Marnell passed away this weekend. It’s hard to find words to say anything uplifting when a good soul is taken away too soon (he was 31) but friends, fam and the skate community alike can take solace in the fact that he was a man who lived life to its fullest. It’s hard to believe he’s gone when we’re so used to seeing his face and chilled demeanour at parties and events around our hood… a bunch of us went to his new years at the gardens just gone, he played one of our parties at the People’s Market, he was a welcome fixture wherever he went. A great skater and a great dude, Lewis will be missed. ACCLAIM sends our thoughts to his wife, family and friends.

To everyone else, pop on the mix he made us late last year, roll one up and pay respect to one of the best. RIP Lewis.

5 comments on “RIP Lewis Marnell

  1. This sucks. I'm gonna cry.

  2. EMP on said:

    very sad news

  3. Roots187 on said:

    Soon all of us will make it to skate heaven. May you Rest In Paradise.

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  5. Kevin on said:

    I watch a lot of videos of him skating and he had a very unique style. Rip Lewis Marnell

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