Trailer: ‘Lister’ Documentary

SOYA-winning filmmaker Alex Gee makes a doco about Anthony Lister

Posted By Lara Chan-Baker |

Before you say anything, I understand how goddamn cheesy this trailer looks. But let’s be honest guys, any film that follows the journey of contemporary art force Anthony Lister has got to be pretty fascinating to watch. The Aussie is well on his way to becoming a worldwide legend, and if that doesn’t convince you to watch it, that home footage of Lister as a kid must. Don’t let the cheesy lines put you off (i.e. “The story of a small town troublemaker with big city dreams”), this doco by SOYA-winning filmmaker Alex Gee should be worth watching.

6 comments on “Trailer: ‘Lister’ Documentary

  1. That is corn-ball central. Lets hope it’s a massive piss take and the actual film is nothing like that.

    • chris on said:

      Im positive the whole corny bit was ironic, I mean listen tot he music in the background. anyway I like Listers work but I'm so over the guy's interviews, he think's he is God.

  2. Shannon on said:

    Uuumm not Lister as a kid… that's his son.

  3. UsedToBeAFan on said:

    Shame the guy is such a douche. Hope this is better than the man himself.

  4. IMO, i think there’s alot more geeks and nerds out there that are into Iron Man than GTA. Sure there’s a pretty big ganimg crowd that foams at the mout whenever they see a trailer for GTA4 but Iron Man is a world wide event! Especially when you consider all the countries that ban violent games like GTA4.Also, i geuss Jeff’s not a fan of Iron Man but he obviously doesn’t know any really big comic book geeks. Last i checked Iron Man was just as popular as other Marvel heroes such as Spider-man, Wolverine, etc.

  5. Kevin on said:

    This video was interesting until madonna came on in the background. It actually looked like an interesting trailer, now I just lost all interest.

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