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Watch: 2 Chainz meets his crazy number one fan

"I just met the guy who means as much to me as my own father."

Posted by Dylan McCarthy

Prepare yourself for the most crippling secondhand embarrassment you might ever experience.

Meet Scott: humble car salesman, Nardwuar/Charlotte Gainsbourg/Gil Gunderson hybrid and 2 Chainz‘s certified number one fan. The man got to hang out with his idol backstage at a recent show in Oakland and the footage from the meet-and-greet single-handely redefines the turn up and reminds us why famous people have their own security guards.

Old mate Scott has a serious case of crazy eyes, his greasy hair game is real, and he has absolutely no filter. You give him the benefit of the doubt at first – I mean I’ve met ex-cooking show contestants and couldn’t string a sentence together, so I could empathise with his famous person nerves, but then he tries to spit a rap and impersonate the classic “2 Chainz” shout and from there it’s just like:


Watch the train wreck above. Stick around until the end to see him almost fight another awkward white dude. Be careful, 2 Chainz, be careful.


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Weekly updates

Weekly updates